Thursday, 19 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

A very happy Christmas and New Year to all...!

Thank you for your blog visits and for all your lovely comments over the past year.
See you in 2014 and haste ye back!


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Happy St Andrew’s Day…!

Join the party over at Loveahappyending Lifestyle Magazine website today!

Over fifty million people around the globe claim Scottish decent and so on the 30th November - St Andrew’s Day and Scotland’s national day - it’s a day to celebrate everything Scottish!
Discover your inner Scot with my fun lifestyle feature over at Loveahappyending Lifestyle Magazine where you can Test your knowledge of Scotland’s Heritage by taking the Ultimate Scottish Quiz. In the Scots Language Test you can find out if you really know your Sleekit from your Sonsie! Then you can Kilt up and claim your tartan! Plus there are tips on appreciating your perfect dram and some exciting St Andrew’s Day recipes!

Finally, look the part with a Satire ‘selfie’..!



Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Festival of Romance - fun and celebration!

I could have floated back to Scotland on a cloud of bliss after this weekend at The Festival of Romance instead of taking an Easyjet flight. This event, held annually in Bedford England, was three days of excitement and celebration amongst romance authors, readers, and industry professionals.

It was fantastic to meet up again with those peeps I already know and to finally meet those I feel I already know so well online but hadn’t yet met face to face. It might appear weird to throw yourself into the arms of people you’ve never met in real life and practically hug the life out of them – yet it felt complete appropriate to do so when these are people I already loved!

I was in contact with lovely JB of Brook Cottage Books before and during my journey to Bedford, as I was flying in from Glasgow to London Luton and she was flying in from Belfast. She sent me a photo so I’d recognise her when we finally met – and this is us just mere seconds after we did!
Ditto lovely Carol ‘Dizzy C’ (pic below) of Dizzy C's Little Book Blog, the wonderful Kim the Bookworm and fabulous Heidi of ‘Cosmochicklitian’

On the Friday night, Linn B Halton, Mandy Baggot and Sheryl Browne and I went to a fabulous Bedford Italian Restaurant for fun, wine and pizza!
Then at the Saturday night Gala Dinner, just when I thought the festival was only about being amongst fabulous friends, it also became a celebration of our success - when Linn B Halton, Editor in Chief of the emagazine with which I'm an associate editor - was awarded the 2013 Festival of Romance 'Innovation in Romantic Fiction' Industry award for “evolving the author/reader initiative into an interactive lifestyle magazine”.

After receiving her award, Linn said: “Being nominated was a huge honour, but to actually win the award was overwhelming. As organiser of LLm I was thrilled to accept this on behalf of everyone involved. There are thirty-two contributors in total involved with LLm and it is the wide range of articles (including book reviews) that saw our hit counter tip over the 3 million mark a couple of days ago, and we are now at a staggering 3,045,639.”

Huge congratulations to all the winners of all awards at this year's Festival of Romance and thanks to event organiser Kate Allan for all her hard work - what a fabulous weekend!

Innovation in Romantic Fiction Author winner – Linn B Halton with some of the Loveahappyending Lifestyle Magazine team
Left to right: Carol, Heidi, JB, Linn, Mandy, Sheryl, & myself

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween FREE Book Offer!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


This time last year I was launching How Do You Voodoo? - the first book in my voodoo romance series of novellas – for which I had done some intense research in the spookiest graveyard in Scotland – the Necropolis or The City of the Dead – which features in a central scene. Would you like to spend Halloween in a dark and spooky place like this…?!


Glasgow central looks grey and spooky in October!


This Halloween is launch day for Voodoo Child - the third book in my series of voodoo romance novellas.
Again, it’s available exclusively from Amazon for Kindle.   


Story synopsis: In ‘Voodoo Child’, ex-celebrity UK fashion model Nola and her handsome Haitian husband Louis are expecting their first baby. But as one precious life begins another is about to end. Louis’s beloved old Uncle Sid is dying and has declared his last wish is to see Louis and Nola’s new baby baptised on St John’s Eve – the most important event in the voodoo calendar. The voodoo isn't over yet for Nola or for Louis!
Voodoo Child Amazon Links

Amazon UK and

Special Halloween Offer!
You can download the first humorous romance in this series absolutely FREE TODAY – 31st October!

FREE Amazon Links
Amazon UK and

Have a great Halloween everyone !

Janice xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

How Do You Voodoo? - FREE 27th to 31st October!

The third book in my series of voodoo romance novellas
'Voodoo Child' is out this week!

It’s available exclusively from Amazon for Kindle
OUT NOW! $1.55 0r £0.99p
Story synopsis: In ‘Voodoo Child’, ex-celebrity UK fashion model Nola and her handsome Haitian husband Louis are expecting their first baby. But as one precious life begins another is about to end. Louis’s beloved old Uncle Sid is dying and has declared his last wish is to see Louis and Nola’s new baby baptised on St John’s Eve – the most important event in the voodoo calendar. The voodoo isn't over yet for Nola or for Louis!  

 But what if you haven't yet read the first novella
How Do You Voodoo?
Or second book in this series
Voodoo Wedding?

Well, from TODAY and for the next FIVE days
(27th – 31st October)
I’m offering the first book in this series absolutely FREE

27th - 31st October incl - FREE!
 These are the free download links:

Other Amazon sites worldwide are included
If you have this book already...?
Feel free to share, tweet, and tell all your friends!
Did you know that How Do You Voodoo? has 25 Amazon UK reviews with an average reader score of 4.6 stars and Love Reading Love Books said How Do You Voodoo? was ‘A Five Star Read’

Voodoo Wedding - Book Two - is also available from Amazon for Kindle alongside Voodoo Child at the fabulous price of just $1.52 or £0.99p so why not treat yourself to a little voodoo romance?
 Something old, something new, something borrowed.... something voodoo!
ONLY $1.55 0r £0.99p

Have a great Halloween everyone and don’t forget
that I love to chat and I'll be on Facebook and Twitter over the next few days promoting Voodoo Child. Please RT me!



Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Festival of Romance - and Loveahappyending Lifestyle!



LLm Editor in Chief, our own Linn B Halton has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Romantic Fiction (Author) award for evolving the author/reader initiative into an interactive lifestyle magazine.

Linn B Halton

And Carol Wright from Dizzy C's Little Book Blog, JB Johnston from Brook Cottage Books and Tanya Farrell from After the Final Chapters, all in the Loveahappyending Review Team have been nominated for Best Romance Blogger!

8th to 10th November in Bedford


The Festival of Romance celebrates romantic fiction in all its forms and gives readers a chance to meet favourite and new authors as well as taking part in lots of fun events and parties.

It is the UK's ONLY convention dedicated to romantic fiction.

You can book tickets online for all the Festival events.

Check out what's on and see which of your favourite authors are attending.

See you at the Festival of Romance!


Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Writing Workshop...

Arts and Crafts Weekend 19th and 20th October
There is an Arts and Crafts Fayre taking place this weekend -19th and 20th October - at Tynron Parish Hall (near Thornhill, Dumfries & Galloway).
Local crafts people will present their art and crafts and refreshments will be available. Proceeds to Tynron Parish Hall Funds.
Aspiring writers: I’m holding a writing workshop during this event on Sunday 20th October between 2pm-3pm. If you’d like to come along (and I'd love to see you there!) please check out the webpage and scroll down for contact details and more info.

Haste ye over to Tynron!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Paperback Books and The Festival of Romance

This week, while my lovely editor is working away on Voodoo Child (planned launch date 31st October) I’ve been busy preparing and formatting the paperback editions of Bagpipes and Bullshot and Reaching for the Stars. This means I’ll have ‘real’ books to offer alongside my ebooks at last and I’ll be able to carry paperback copies with me when I do my personal author appearances.
Bagpipes and Bullshot and Reaching for the Stars will be available to order from Amazon sites very soon if you’ve been waiting to read my full length novels in paperback!
These are the paperback covers!
It’s only four weeks to the Festival of Romance in Bedford! (8th-10th November) I’m going to this event for the first time and I’m really looking forward to spending the whole weekend talking about books and celebrating romantic fiction.

There are some fabulous events planned – check out the website and grab your tickets now.

I’m really looking forward to meeting up with writer friends I already know really well, those I have been friends with online for ages but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet in person, and catching up with what’s going on in the romantic fiction industry - as there will be publishers and agents and editors to chat to about such matters.

I’m speaking at the Coffee and Cake morning on Saturday 9th November at The Lane, Bedford. I’m also looking forward to attending the Festival of Romance Ball on the Saturday night!

Are you going…?

Do let me know so we can say hello!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Romantic meetings and writerly events…

Happy Friday everyone – I’ve had a an even busier week than usual as I’ve been out and about on writerly business. On Monday I was invited to the famous and very romantic location of Gretna Green for a meeting.
It was wonderful to catch up with writers I already know well through the Writers Scotland Group, to be reintroduced to one or two I’d met before through the Romantic Novelist’s Association, and to meet some new lovely writer peeps. The meeting was interesting, involving romance writers, commercial enterprise, media and PR, but as it was a preliminary talk, I don’t think I’m at liberty to tell you exactly what it was all about just yet - so I’ll tell you more when I can!

After lunch and the meeting itself, a few of us had a tour of the famous blacksmith’s shop and the wedding room and had our photo taken in front of the wedding anvil!

In this photo: myself, Lynda Denton, Eileen Ramsay and her husband Ian,
Michelle Styles and Gwen Kirkwood

The Marriage Anvil at Gretna Green
On Tuesday, I was invited to speak about my writing and my life as a writer at the first meeting of the season for the Dumfries and Galloway Tangent Club in a private room at a restaurant in Thornhill. It was an honour to be asked to talk to these lovely ladies and I was right to suspect that when I got there, it being a local group of professional and business women, that I would already know many of them. We had a glass of wine, friendly conversation and lots of laughs, and we also had a lovely dinner. I felt my talk went well, as the atmosphere in the room was so relaxed and warm. I rounded off my talk with a short reading from ‘Reaching for the Stars’ and we had a quiz/competition - the winner being the first correct answer drawn by the restaurant owner!
On Wednesday, I was asked if I was interested in doing a talk and a writer’s workshop on the afternoon of Sunday 20th October at an Arts and Crafts Weekend being held at a local village Hall. I thought it sounded like another good opportunity to get out and about and to meet people interested in reading and books. So I accepted.
All of this is of course great practice for the Festival of Romance event in Bedford on the weekend of the 8th/9th & 10th of November, which I am attending as an author. I’m speaking at this event on the Saturday morning at the ‘Coffee and Cake’ event. Tickets are on sale now at the Festival website.
The rest of this week I’ve been writing and reading, attending online book launches, and following some exciting blogs. It’s a very busy and exciting time to be a writer!!

Haste ye back here next Friday!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Running along...

As a writer, I’m often sat at my desk for most of the day and I find that long periods of time spent at my computer causes me lots of problems. I get sore eyes (I have to wear reading glasses at the computer) and I get a stiff neck (I find myself hunching over the keyboard sometimes) and I have had a few painful bouts of repetitive strain syndrome in my shoulders and wrists. And all that’s before we go anywhere near the expanding waistline and bottom syndrome!

I've always enjoyed taking a brisk mid-morning walk on most days, but now I’ve stepped things up a bit and I go for a run. Running loosens up my muscles, fills me with oxygen, and helps me to either think or to empty my mind – whichever is needed the most. I run for three miles in a circuit around the cottage and, now that I’ve being doing this for a few months, I sometimes manage five miles!

This morning’s run was particularly enjoyable. Autumn has arrived here in my part of Scotland. It was dry and mild and the leaves on the trees are just starting to turn golden. Mushrooms and toadstools lined the verges of the lanes along my route and the brambles are ripe and asking to be be picked and made into jam.

I had my phone camera to hand today and took these photos. I thought you might enjoy them too.

My running route away from the cottage
Woodland Toadstools
Love these colourful ones - so pretty - but probably highly poisonous!

The high stretch of land between the Nith Valley and the Lowther Hills


A rewarding view from the top of the tough uphill stretch!

Looking over Durisdeer and the Lowther Hills
Brambles in the hedgerow - but no time to stop and pick them!

The home straight!

I have a busy week ahead filled with writer’s meetings and speaking events. Why not check out my Author Facebook Page which I update several times a week with all my writer news, authorly views and book reviews!

Haste ye back here next Friday!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Voodoo Magic!

Today I’m revealing the new look covers for my voodoo romance series of Kindle novellas!


The voodoo isn’t over for Nola! Voodoo Child is out next month and is the third part in Nola and Louis’s story. The first two parts ‘How Do You Voodoo?’ and ‘Voodoo Wedding’ have both received some fabulous reviews.

Reviews include those from Love Reading Love Books who said How Do You Voodoo? was ‘A Five Star Read’ and Book Reviewer Jenny in Neverland has this week listed her favourite books on Feed My Read and How Do You Voodoo? is one of them!

PRIZE DRAW: I’m offering a reader a pre-release peek – a V.I.P. Advance Review Copy – in a prize draw for all those peeps who ‘Like’ my Facebook author page between now and Voodoo Child ARC release day.  I love to blog on a weekly basis but my FB author page is where I share all my latest news and views and writerly gossip several times a week - so if you would like to be one of the first to read Voodoo Child and also find out what I’m working on next...
Thanks and haste ye back here next Friday!

Friday, 13 September 2013

New season - a contemporary new look!

I'm rolling out a totally NEW contemporary look to all my Kindle book covers and social media pages for the new season - with paperbacks available soon!
Let me know what you think?
Janice xx

Friday, 30 August 2013

#FF Friday - Festival and Fringe!

The amazing Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo

Last weekend, my lovely friend Dina and I did what we have been talking about doing for years – we spent a long weekend in Edinburgh together doing The Festival, The Tattoo, and The Fringe. We had THE most amazing time. We did everything – including lunch at The Witchery, The Tattoo at the Castle, the ultimate Book-Fest (bumping into Neil Gaimen), Stand Up Comedy, Shows, chatting with Radio DJ Johnny Walker and pop diva Kiki Dee (who asked if I was from Liverpool – lol!) to finish off with a tour of Edinburgh’s old underground vaults with torture museum and spooky stuff all thrown in and then to clubbing at the famous Old Town Cowgate at Cabaret Voltaire. A weekend never to be forgotten!

Lunch at The Witchery by The Castle

Left: Neil Gaimen signing at The Edinburgh Book Festival
The spooky Ghost Tours and Edinburgh Underground Vaults
Haste ye back
Janice xx 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday... again?

I’ve had my head down all week catching up on all sorts of things – so much so that I could not believe today was Friday – again.

I’ve been busy writing 1000 words a day of ‘Voodoo Child’ and I must admit that so far I’m having a ball with this stage of Nola’s life. This is a follow on novella to ‘How Do You Voodoo?’ and ‘Voodoo Wedding’ and in it Nola and Louis are expecting their first child. Of course, this time next week, I could be wailing and moaning that it’s all a load of junk but so far I’m having a lot of fun and the writing is going well. My editor is expecting to edit this book at the beginning of October and I’m planning a publication date of around 31st October. Wish me luck!

I’ve also been working hard on behalf of Loveahappyending Lifestyle Magazine, for which I edit the Bookshelf Reviews feature.  After attracting over two and a half million hits on our website we now want to give our visitors even more reason to return to us day after day. We are planning to grow the website again in the Autumn and hope to publish the very best articles in a high quality downloadable emagazine. Our features will include everything from interior design to recipes, but the ‘heart’ of our project will still be book reviews for our own featured authors in our Bookshelf Reviews feature.

I’m currently looking for one or two more book blogger reviewers to join us at Loveahappyending Lifestyle magazine and so if you love reading and have a book blog and are interested in applying please get in touch with me directly at

I’ve been out and about promoting my latest title this week too – a with a mini book tour for ‘How To Party Online’ and you can read my guest spot at: Talli Roland’s Blog, Brook Cottage Books, Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog for online party advice and top tips!


Haste ye back here next Friday
In the meantime, be my friend on Facebook for regular writerly news and/or be a tweetheart and follow my daily authorly updates on Twitter at @JaniceHorton

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Winners of the Party On event!


I just want to say how fabulous yesterday was! I laughed and gasped and ooo'd and swooned at all of your fabulous and clever photos and pictures throughout the day and it was so much fun. What lovely party peeps you all are!
Well - all the entries have now been collated from all those who took part yesterday and have independently drawn by my two strappingly handsome sons who are home at the moment. I do wish there were prizes for every single one of you who made my day yesterday by taking part in the Party On event.
The Winners! 

Without further ado the winners are Linn B Halton for her Animal Party Game entry of 'Mr Tiggs'. Heidi Cosmochicklitan for her Cocktail Party Game entry of 'Cocktail on the Beach' and Angela Simons Barton for her Hollywood Red Carpet Game entry of Johnny Depp. Each win an exclusive How To Party Online Notebook! If you ladies would like to email me at: with your postal addresses I'll send them straight out to you.

The main prize of a £10 Amazon Voucher for posting a 'Party Photo' of your own goes to Awen Thornber who posted this fabulous photo and is a such a worthy winner that I was delighted when her name was drawn! Please email me Awen and I'll have the gift voucher emailed to you straight away. Thanks again everyone!

I'd LOVE it and appreciate it if you could spread the word to your friends and associates about the How To Party Online ebook for Kindle and if you sign up to my newsletter on my Blog (pretty please!?) them I'll be able to let you know when it's out in paperback too. Thanks again everyone!

At the moment I’m featuring on Dizzy C’s Little Book blog with a summer fun interview that features reading, writing and holidays. There are photos of my Scottish country cottage and my hens and there is an international giveaway for one of my Kindle books! Click here for the link.
I read an Interesting post on 'Between The Lines' blog this morning on book marketing - and was pleased to see a lovely mention of my How To Party Online book. You might also find it an interesting read. Click here for the link.
I was also delighted to see a new book blogger review for my first novella ‘How Do You Voodoo?’ on Books4U this week. Nikki says: "A superb novella from author Janice Horton. An interesting storyline about a character who thinks she has it all but learns there is something missing." You can read the rest of this review by clicking here.
Haste ye back here next Friday!