Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Writing Workshop...

Arts and Crafts Weekend 19th and 20th October
There is an Arts and Crafts Fayre taking place this weekend -19th and 20th October - at Tynron Parish Hall (near Thornhill, Dumfries & Galloway).
Local crafts people will present their art and crafts and refreshments will be available. Proceeds to Tynron Parish Hall Funds.
Aspiring writers: I’m holding a writing workshop during this event on Sunday 20th October between 2pm-3pm. If you’d like to come along (and I'd love to see you there!) please check out the webpage and scroll down for contact details and more info.

Haste ye over to Tynron!



Melanie said...

Good luck with your writing workshop. I hope it went well. Looking forward to hearing/reading about it.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hope it went well, Janice - I was speaking up at Inverness on Saturday!

Janice said...

Thank you Melanie and Rosemary. I felt it did go well. It was a small and informal group and I was asked lots of questions. I really enjoyed it. It was especially lovely to get a message on FB later the same day from a lady in the group, who said she felt 'inspired' by me, which made me feel very happy indeed! :)

Hope your talk went well on Saturday, Rosemary.

Janice xx