About Janice

A very warm welcome to my website and blog!

This is primarily a writer's website but I also like to use it as a personal blog for my travel adventures too. You see, in 2014, once our three children had grown up and left home, my husband and I set off to explore the Caribbean. In 2015 we returned to the UK only to sell all our material possessions in favour of travelling around the world.

Since then we have been travelling full time, living out of a backpack or an apartment or a simple hut, wherever we happen to find ourselves.

I work as a writer wherever I am in the world and when I’m not writing books, I write lifestyle and travel features for magazines. I’ve had work published in magazines like ‘Prima’ in the UK and 'Friday' in Dubai and I've also been involved in BBC Scotland's Write Here Write Now project.

I’m a senior editor with an emagazine at www.loveahappyending.com which is an award-winning lifestyle magazine (LLm). I write a regular travel feature called 'Dream, Explore, Discover... Travel' for LLm. You can access these features using the links on the righthand sidebar. You can download free issues of LLm magazine from the sidebar to your laptop or notepad or phone.

So on this website/blog I’ll be posting regular updates on our travel adventures and sharing our life experiences as well as chatting about book and writing news.

As you might expect, travelling to amazing locations influences my writing, and it was from a rented home in the Caribbean in 2015 that I wrote my most recent novel ‘Castaway in the Caribbean’ which to my great joy has been a number one Amazon Kindle bestseller and, in November 2015, was shortlisted in the prestigious Love Stories Awards in London. I couldn't attend on the night as I was in Bangkok at the time - and I didn't win - but being shortlisted for the award with five other authors whom I regard so highly has been the highlight of my career so far.

Right now I’m working on an adventure romance once again set in the Caribbean entitled Island in the Sun – which I’m feeling very excited about. I’ll post on progress as progress is made and, if you don’t mind, I’ll occasionally vent my frustrations with you when it is not going so well!

Some places in the world we visit for just a few days, some we stay a few weeks and some places we fall in love with and, if we get a longer term visa, we'll end up staying for much longer. Then we'll rent a small cottage or apartment and hang up our ‘Trav and Janice’s Hoose’ sign.

(Hoose being Scottish for house!)

At the time of writing, I’m back in Thailand. It’s a place with friends, a place to relax, kick back, unwind, and for my husband to scuba dive and for me to write.

Currently I'm in Thailand

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Love, Janice xx