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A very warm welcome to my website and blog!

This is primarily a writer's website for chatting about books and writing news but I also like to use it as a personal blog for my travel adventures too. You see, in 2014, once our three children had grown up and left home, my husband and I set off to explore the Caribbean. In 2015, we returned to the UK only to sell all our material possessions in favour of travelling around the world. Since then, we have been travelling full time and have visited over fifty countries (and still counting!) living out of a backpack or an apartment or a simple hut, wherever we happen to find ourselves.

My preference is for somewhere warm and I have a particular love of tropical islands and boats. In 2014 and 2015 we spend most of our time in the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, Bahamas and the USA. In 2016 and 2017 we spent our time in SE Asia exploring Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong - with lots of visits to South Korea thrown into the mix - as that is where one of our sons and his family (and our first grandson) lives.

I work as a writer wherever I am in the world. When I’m not writing books, I write lifestyle and travel features for magazines. I’ve had work published in magazines like ‘Prima’ in the UK and 'Friday' in Dubai and I've also been involved in BBC Scotland's Write Here Write Now project.

My travel features with award-winning lifestyle emagazine (LLm) 'Dream, Explore, Discover... Travel' can be accessed from my website sidebar and you can also download free issues of LLm magazine to your laptop or notepad or phone from the links there.

As you might expect, travelling to amazing locations influences my writing, and it was from a rented home in the Caribbean in 2015 that I wrote my romantic adventure novel ‘Castaway in the Caribbean’ which to my great joy has been a number one Amazon Kindle bestseller and, in November 2015, was shortlisted in the prestigious Love Stories Awards in London. I couldn't attend on the night, and I didn't win, but being shortlisted with five other authors whom I regard highly has been a highlight in my writing career.

My big news for 2018 is that I do have another romantic adventure novel completed - once again set in the Caribbean – which I’m feeling very excited about and I hope to see published this summer.

I’m also now writing for Harper Impulse – the romance imprint of Harper Collins Publishers UK – and have recently completed a novel entitled ‘The Backpacking Housewife’ which is loosely based on my own travel experiences and is scheduled for publication Summer 2018.

You can read my (very exciting!) author acquisition announcement on the Harper Impulse website HERE.

While working on The Backpacking Housewife – having signed a contract with a very tight deadline – I really needed to establish a writing routine. As you might imagine - it is very difficult to write a whole book in just three months - when you don’t actually have a desk or anywhere to live!

Rather than renting somewhere or staying in a hotel, my husband and I took a chance and applied for a home-sitting position online using a website called mindmyhouse.com and we got lucky straight away with a six-month assignment in SW France looking after a beautiful chateau and a cat called Mr Smudge. A Purr-fect situation for us!

My perfect writing spot in SW France

We have loved our time here in France. But, as we have developed a severe case of wanderlust over the past four years, we do have plans to move on again mid-March into our fifth year of world travels.

In 2018, we plan to go back to SE Asia for a month or so and to attend a wedding in South Korea in April, after which we plan to fly directly to the USA and onto the Caribbean for the summer of 2018. So lots of exciting new travel and book news to come here on my blog/website very soon!

Thank you for visiting my blog/website. I really appreciate your visit.

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Love, Janice xx