Reaching for the Stars

Scottish celebrity chef Finn McDuff is media stalked and disillusioned after winning his third star and losing his third wife. He decides he’s had enough of all the food campaigns, the TV cookery shows, the constant frenzy surrounding his private life and, after giving up all his accolades and closing down his restaurant, he disappears.

With the enfant terrible of the kitchen missing, two rival newspapers, having lost their media meal ticket, compete against each other to whip up further public curiosity in the missing chef. Love him or hate him, everyone is out looking for Chef McDuff. Who will find him first and whose side will you be on...?

Reaching for the Stars is available from Amazon for Kindle and also in paperback format. It's also FREE on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited.


“Janice’s style that I loved so much in the first novel continues in this book. A wonderful plot and some extremely engaging characters all bundled together in a steamy Scottish kitchen!” Lou Graham - Book Blogger

“This is a fantastic story with a great setting and characters. It was also really fun to feel like I was behind the scenes with a famous chef. I would highly recommend Reaching for the Stars – 5 stars from me!” Today I’m Reading Book Reviews

“Janice Horton really is a star when it comes to compelling reading. Reach for Janice Horton, Reaching for the Stars!”  Rea Book Reviews

“I really enjoyed this story and Janice had a wonderful ability to keep her readers glued to the story. I will definitely be going back and reading her previous book.” Turning the Pages Book Reviews

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Janice Horton doing research for her novel Reaching for the Stars in the kitchens of Dumfries and Galloway