Tuesday 13 December 2011

Launch Day ‘Wish I Was Here...’ Blog & Twitter Party!

My perfect escape would be to this small hotel situated on a white sand peninsula on the island of Mauritius. It’s where my husband and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary a couple of years ago and it was our dream destination. We had a fabulous penthouse room with a balcony overlooking the ocean. In the photo ‘our’ beach house was the second one in from the right. Sigh....

Welcome to the launch day celebrations for my new e-book ‘Reaching for the Stars’ and thank you so much for being here! It’s such a busy time of year for everyone and I really appreciate all your support. As you can see from the list of party participants below - there has been a fantastic response to the ‘Wish I Was Here...’ party theme and I’m really looking forward to seeing where you would all like to escape to during mid-December!

But you don’t have to have signed up to take part today. I’d love you to leave a comment on this blog post, visit all or some of the blogs taking part today, and to generally spread the word about ‘Reaching for the Stars’ on your own social networks.

If you are tweeting about ‘Reaching for the Stars’ or the ‘Wish I Was Here...’ event on Twitter please show the hashtag #starchef

ALL participants today will be entered into a fabulous prize draw to win the ‘star’ prize of a celebrity chef apron or the chance of winning one of three chef’s hats (c’mon you know you want to win one of those doncha!)

The prize draw today will include all those who blog, comment, or tweet!

What’s it all about...?
In my new novel - ‘Reaching for the Stars’ - the main character Chef Finn McDuff feels he’s had enough of all the food campaigns, the TV cookery shows, the constant frenzy surrounding his private life and disappears into a self-imposed exile for a while. Hence the theme of this launch day extravaganza is ‘Wish I Was Here...’

Reaching for the Stars is now available on Amazon.UK or Amazon.Com for Kindle at the special launch price of just 95p or $1.40

No Kindle? No problem - you can download to the free Kindle app from Amazon and read Reaching for the Stars on your Mac, your PC, IPad Tablet or Android Device.

Okay - as well as being here on my blog today you will also find me over at Loveahappyending.com where there is also an exclusive excerpt from Chapter Six of 'Reaching for the Stars'!

Over at book blogger Lou Graham’s Blog as well as taking part in the 'Wish I Was Here...' event she is also featuring an early review and I’m excited and delighted to tell you that she has given ‘Reaching for the Stars’ FIVE STARS!

The Favourite Celebrity Chef Blog Poll running on my sidebar this week has attracted a fun debate on Twitter and a total of 63 votes so far - so why not vote for the chef who gets you salivating on the sofa right now? Jamie and Nigella are currently in the lead (come on Marco!)

The Wish I Was Here Party!
Below you will see a list of party participants - the stars of the show today - who have pledged to display a picture or photo of the place they wish they could escape to for just a wee while - or forever! I’m pretty excited to go and visit all of these fabulous blogs (click on the links below to follow) and to leave a comment but I’ll keep popping back throughout the day so please do leave a comment here as it will be appreciated. If you’d like to catch up with me on Twitter I’m @JaniceHorton and I’ll be using the hashtag #starchef all day today with my tweets.


And the fun doesn’t stop!
From tomorrow the 15th December right through to the 23rd December, I’m on a virtual book tour with 'Reaching for the Stars' and will be appearing at all the fabulous blogging venues listed. I’ll be talking about 'Reaching for the Stars', about my writing - where and when I do it. There will be an interview with the main characters in the novel. I’ll also be discussing shoes and sharing my special Scottish Christmas cake recipe with you. I’d love it if you could find time to pop along and leave a comment during the tour. I can’t tell you what your support means to me and how much I really appreciate all you do.