Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Blog Tour - Day Six - Turning the Pages...!

On Lindsay Gentle's blog today, Lindsay reviews Reaching for the Stars and I'm talking about how I manage to find the time to write!

Just in case you missed any of the 'Reaching for the Stars' Blog Stops so far I've listed and provided links to all fabulous blogs who have hosted me for news, reviews & interviews...

Lou Grahams Book Blog
Lou interviews the two main characters in Reaching for the Stars...!

Melanie Robertson King’s Celtic Connexions Blog
Celebrity Chefs – culinary pirates and adventurers of the chrome surfaces…!’

I’m talking to Sharon Goodwin about the extensive culinary research I did for Reaching for the Stars.

In the plotting shed I’m talking about my life as a writer living in rural Scotland and showing you my favourite places to write.

On High Heels & Book Deals Blog - I’m showing off my very favourite shoes!

Sarah Taylor’s Today I'm Reading Blog
for an author interview and a review.

A Review of Reaching for the Stars...!

There are three more exciting blog stops to go on the Reaching for the Stars tour - so please do pop back tomorrow to find out where I am next!

Love, Janice x


Melanie said...

Looking forward to reading about you at Turning the Pages!

Janice said...

Thank you Melanie - I'm so excited that Lindsay is doing a review of Reaching for the Stars as well as interviewing me about finding time to write - something I'm sure all writers will empathise with and readers will wonder about!

Janice xx

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