Friday, 27 September 2013

Running along...

As a writer, I’m often sat at my desk for most of the day and I find that long periods of time spent at my computer causes me lots of problems. I get sore eyes (I have to wear reading glasses at the computer) and I get a stiff neck (I find myself hunching over the keyboard sometimes) and I have had a few painful bouts of repetitive strain syndrome in my shoulders and wrists. And all that’s before we go anywhere near the expanding waistline and bottom syndrome!

I've always enjoyed taking a brisk mid-morning walk on most days, but now I’ve stepped things up a bit and I go for a run. Running loosens up my muscles, fills me with oxygen, and helps me to either think or to empty my mind – whichever is needed the most. I run for three miles in a circuit around the cottage and, now that I’ve being doing this for a few months, I sometimes manage five miles!

This morning’s run was particularly enjoyable. Autumn has arrived here in my part of Scotland. It was dry and mild and the leaves on the trees are just starting to turn golden. Mushrooms and toadstools lined the verges of the lanes along my route and the brambles are ripe and asking to be be picked and made into jam.

I had my phone camera to hand today and took these photos. I thought you might enjoy them too.

My running route away from the cottage
Woodland Toadstools
Love these colourful ones - so pretty - but probably highly poisonous!

The high stretch of land between the Nith Valley and the Lowther Hills


A rewarding view from the top of the tough uphill stretch!

Looking over Durisdeer and the Lowther Hills
Brambles in the hedgerow - but no time to stop and pick them!

The home straight!

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Haste ye back here next Friday!


Anonymous said...

Phew! Feel exhausted just reading that!

BB said...

These pictures of the countryside are beautiful. Our autumn here in Florida is still quite warm but not as hot and humid as the summer months. But that's why I moved here from the cold northeast!

Janice said...

Ha-ha! Yes, it is all rather tiring Sara - not to mention sweaty!

Hi Barb - thank you for your lovely comment. I didn't realise you were in Florida! I love Florida and have been there many times on holidays - love the humidity and the heat and the gulf coast beaches. I haven't been as far south as the Keys yet though, and would love to do that one day!

Janice xx

K. Rosenberg said...

Wow, gorgeous! It makes me want to come bounce around Scotland for a while! It looks like a fantastic place for a bicycle tour!

Janice said...

Indeed, Kenneth, you could cycle for many miles around here and hardly meet a soul or come across a vehicle. I do love that about this part of Dumfries and Galloway. It's exactly 60 miles south to Carlise and the border to England. Edinburgh is the same distance north East and Glasgow the same again north west and there's not much except moorland and hills inbetween. It seems to me that I live in the centre of the world!

Janice xx

K. Rosenberg said...

Wow, sounds very peaceful! A great place to get some writing done, I'm sure!

Jan Brigden said...

Lovely post, Janice. One I can so identify with, as I've been upping the "brisk" walks I take too. I've had niggles in my shoulders and back and have really felt the benefit of the extra exercise. Love your photos too! :) x

Janice said...

Haha - Kenneth, I've found that it can be as peaceful as you allow it to be!

Thank you Jan, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I find the downside of being a writer is the niggles in the hands, wrist, shoulders, and this is something we must try to guard against!

Janice xx

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Absolutely LOVE the new look Janice! Sparkly and bright - with a romantic edge!! Fab photos too, I'm just about to start exercising again after a break. Being on the computer all the time and sitting down for hours on end isn't great for the waistline...ha! ha!

Sheryl Browne said...

Oooh, Janice, now I'm feeling guilty. More running less sitting, I think is order. Fab pics! :) xx

Hywela Lyn said...

Lovely pictures Janice - reminds me of the countryside I used to ride in when I lived in my homeland of Wales. I think Wales and Scotland are similar in sharing lovely peaceful landscapes, mountains, rivers and moorland. Thanks for sharing.