Friday 29 March 2013

Party On – virtually!


This week I’ve attended several Facebook Events – virtual parties where peeps can share photos, comments, laughs and celebrations – and it was all fabulous fun!

When I hosted my first virtual party, Mr JH thought I’d gone a bit crazy and he couldn’t stop laughing. He just couldn’t see the point of fun without leaving your laptop or even changing out of your PJ’s (this has happened to me – as virtual partying, being global and therefore 24/7, can be surprisingly all consuming!) But fun it certainly is and even more so if you can laugh your way up a bestseller chart or two at the same time.
Over the past year, I’ve been prompted to explore online partying in greater detail, from both the promotional angle and the fun aspect. During that time, I’ve been asked many times how to plan, organise, arrange, and host a variety of fabulous and fun online party events. I was even asked to talk on the subject at a ‘real’ writer’s event last summer. As a result, I’m now collating this advice for online party peeps as an ebook.
My cover designer finalised the cover this week and I’m thrilled with it – what do you think?

How To Party Online will soon be available to download from Amazon.

I was thrilled with this quote from DG Life Magazine and I have used an extract from it on the cover of How To Party Online.
Janice has made it her business to get stuck into the whole self-publishing malarkey. Savvy enough to realise it’s not enough to simply write, she’s studied social media marketing until it could be her specialist subject on Mastermind. She can plan a book launch, maximise publicity, keep the momentum going after the first initial flush, and perhaps most of all, she knows how to make the whole thing fun, which is no mean feat”.  DG Life Magazine.

So while I’m still busy exploring virtual party fun -
what are you doing this Easter weekend?