Friday 15 March 2013

Help with The Work in Progress...

One of my current writing projects is a work of non-fiction – it’s a 'How To' on tackling aspects of online promotion and making it fun. I’ve been prompted to write this by lots of lovely fellow writers who, over past year or so, have emailed me for advice on hosting online parties to promote or launch their book/s.

Some of those writers are debut novelists and others multi-pubbed. Some are with traditional publishers and others are indie. Most have previously attended or taken part (and reportedly enjoyed) my launch parties and want to know how I did it and more to the point, how they can do it too.

The title of this new and fun look at book promo is ‘How to Promote Party Online’ with the emphasis on the party aspect, because everyone wants to have fun, right?

So, I have a couple of questions for you to help me with research and I’d really appreciate your comments. You can leave them here on the blog or in an email to me at:

Q1: Have you attended one or more of my launch parties - which one/s?

Q2: Did you personally find it fun and engaging – and can you say why?

If you are not familiar with, or like me you were a bit giddy with virtual fizz at the time, then these links will give you a wee recap on our previous online frivolities:

Reaching for the Stars – Wish I Was Here Party

How Do You Voodoo? – The Spellbindingly Fun Party

Voodoo Wedding – Facebook & Twitter Party

I’d really appreciate your feedback as it will help me enormously. The info you give will help me to focus on giving helpful advice. If I would like to use your comment as a quote – please be assured that I would always contact you first to ask for your permission. The book will be available soon from Amazon for Kindle. Thank you in advance.

Love, Janice xx