Friday 22 March 2013

It’s a Whiteout Writeout…!

Yes, that's really me – on the hill at the back of our cottage and holding my sister’s Labrador puppy out of the snow . It’s a whiteout again here in Scotland and despite the slightly longer days, the promise of Springtime is nowhere to be seen. There are no daffodils in bloom, no buds on the trees, and my poor hens won’t come out of the hen hoose. I know how they feel!

But it’s not all bad, as this weather has been super conducive to writing, and while holed up in the cottage I’ve been working on my new book. It’s a nonfiction guide to online promotion and its title is How To Promote Party Online with all the emphasis on fun. Thank you so much for all your comments last week, which were all super helpful.

I’m hoping to show you the cover next week, as I’ve seen a couple of drafts and my wonderful designer is soooo close to the final version now.

So, I’m going to ignore the whiteout and I’m going back indoors to write.

I could be some time!

What are you doing while the winter lingers on – are you doing lots of writing or reading or both….?

Janice xx