Friday 12 October 2012

Exciting Times...!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks - with so many fabulous author friends launching books and hosting parties - some with debut novels and others adding to their repertoire!

I’ve been busy preparing for The Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party which is taking place here in two weeks’ time – it’s not too early for you to sign up – in fact, it will give you time to collect your spellbinding ingredients and think up that spell you want to cast. No curses though – only spellbinding fun allowed!

While preparing for the launch of How Do You Voodoo? I’ve been sending out ARC’s (advance reading copies) to those who expressed an interest in reading and reviewing before launch day. I must admit to feeling a wee bit nervous as those copies went out to readers and book bloggers. Novella length fiction is new for me and writing in only one viewpoint (the heroine’s) is new too, as I usually use several viewpoints in my longer length fiction to tell the story. So you can imagine my delight when reviews popped up on book blogs and on Amazon this week. You can find out more about How Do You Voodoo? and read some of those reviews here:

I’ve also been writing up lots of launch week guest posts and answering lots of questions about being an author, about research and about the writing, and what I love about being an Indie – the pros and the cons. Well, I’ve answered that particular question more fully on Victoria Connelly’s blog, where next Thursday 18th October, I’m a guest as part of her fabulous ‘Indie Month’ feature. There are some cons of course but there are mostly pros – and especially over these past couple of weeks - being an Indie author is proving to be a very exciting career indeed. Please check out and 'like' my Author Facebook Page for midweek news features and links.

So what are your plans over the next couple of weeks?
Will you be atending the Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party perhaps and casting your own spell…?
Love, Janice x