Friday 14 December 2012

Author Showcase - Sheryl Browne

Sheryl Browne grew up in Birmingham, UK, where she studied Art & Design. She wears many hats: a partner in her own business, a mother, and a foster parent to disabled dogs.  Sheryl has been writing for many years, the road along the way often bumpy.  She was therefore thrilled beyond words when Safkhet Publishing loved her writing enough to commission her to write for them.

Sheryl's debut novel, Recipes for Disaster - combining deliciously different and fun recipes with sexilicious romantic comedy, is garnering some fabulous reviews and was shortlisted for the Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the Festival of Romance.  Sheryl has since been offered a further three-book contract under the Safkhet Publishing Soul imprint. Somebody to Love, a romantic comedy centring around a single father’s search for love and his autistic little boy. Warrant for Love, bringing together three couples in a twisting story that resolves perfectly and A Little Bit of Madness which releases on Valentine’s Day 2013.
Hi Janice! Thank you so much for hosting me! I’m thrilled to be here on your beautiful site! Today, I’m sharing the seventh of eight excerpts from Warrant for Love. I hope you enjoy!  Please do leave your comment and (appropriate) suggestions as to what YOU might do if you found yourself in Lee’s situation.
‘Now hold on a minute, Jade.’ Richard struggled from prostrate to standing. ‘I can understand you wanting to get your hands on my body. And the massage was great.’ He flicked a droplet of oil from one of the two hairs on his chest. ‘Messy, but great, as aperitifs go. The reflexology, however, I think I’ll pass on. My feet are fine.’
Jade’s bemused eyes travelled from Richard’s sexy leopard skin thong to his pristine white sports socks. ‘My appetite’s also fine,’ he assured her. ‘In fact, I’m ravenous.’
Jade’s eyes almost stood out on stalks as Richard the Lion-heart flared his nostrils and roared. She was torn between tittering and outright snorting at his prowess, until he pounced, leading with his tongue, to lick the length of her neck.
Oh, hell, thought Jade, panicky. ‘Oh, Richard,’ she said sexily, ‘do you know what you do to me?’
‘I turn you on, my little pussycat.’ He slurped in her ear.
‘Mmm, yes.’ Jade made sick-making gestures, then manoeuvred him around, sure Nicky would prefer his dimpled buttocks in shot to her own dismayed face. ‘You do turn me on. I’m hot, hot, hot.’ Jade rolled her eyes at the ceiling and clutched a handful of posterior.’ But you’d turn me on more if you did it to me.’
Richard stopped his frenzied feed on her earlobe. ‘Did what to you?’
He smirked, eyebrows in smutty overdrive.
‘Reflexology.’ Jade twirled him around, forced a smile, and him down on the sofa. ‘Toes, Richard, are what really do it for me.’ She planted a pedicured foot on his chest. ‘So, why don’t give it your all, big boy? And suck.’
‘Suck?’ Richard curled a lip. ‘You must be joking. I’m into straight-sex, not that kinky toe-sucking stuff.’ He folded his arms petulantly.
‘Oh, dear,’ Jade baby-talked, ‘doesn’t Wichie want to pway anymore?’
‘Oh, but Wichie does want to play.’ Richard heaved himself from the sofa, sending Jade sprawling. ‘Wichie wants to play properly though, so Jadey’d better stop pissing about!’
He advanced towards her, eyes narrowed.
‘Oh, no you don’t, Dickhead!’ Nicky snarled, then tripped over the window ledge and fell through the blinds. She stood with all the dignity of the Queen. ‘Actually, this is where it stops, Richard.’
‘What the… ?’ Richard gulped and glanced around, panic-struck. ‘This is not my doing,’ he said quickly, obviously realising he’d been caught with his trousers down. Not that he cared what they told Lee, Jade imagined, were it not for the fact that she still had his PC, ergo possible access to investment details he didn’t want anyone to see.
‘She threw herself at me,’ he protested. ‘Plagued me with calls. I came to tell her it was no dice, but…’ Richard faltered, looking desperately around for his clothes.
Trousers located, he blustered on, ‘She set me up!’ he insisted, scrambling around for his brand-new loafers, glancing at Nicky… at Jade, both standing with arms folded, faces deadpan.
‘Oh, shit.’ Glancing back at Nicky, Richard paled fast. ‘What’s she doing here?’ It apparently finally occurred to him to wonder how Nicky came to enter the living room from the balcony seven floors up.
‘Christalbloodymighty, you have set me up. You… bitches.’ Richard searched manically now, for strewn-about socks and shirt. ‘Very good, Nicky,’ he snarled, stumbling towards the door as she played demonstratively with her mobile. ‘I suppose this is your way of getting back at me for upsetting little sister. So, what does it prove, exactly?’
‘I think proofs might be more appropriate, Richard.’ Jade examined her nail extensions. ‘I’ll email you with details.’ She eyed him levelly.
‘What proof… Sh-i-t!’ Richard stared disbelieving as Nicky drew back the blinds.
‘You’re very photogenic, Richard.’ Nicky smiled sweetly.
‘You bloody bitch!’ Richard’s complexion turned fast from pallid to puce as he stepped towards her, fist clenched.
‘I wouldn’t if I were you, sunshine,’ an angry male voice warned. Richard looked over in utter disbelief to find a policeman looming in the doorway. ‘Unless you fancy spitting teeth for a week.’
Warrant for Love… love, blackmail, lies, adultery, entrapment.
Three couples in a twisting story that resolves perfectly.
Life for Paul sounds like your typical country song. He comes from a broken home, his wife is divorcing him, he's got no place to live, he's losing custody of his son, and his sergeant, who's sleeping with his wife, is a loud-mouthed braggart who won't let up on him – not even at work.
Leanne's caught her (now) ex cheating on her again, but before she can give him the what-for, she's wrongfully arrested for soliciting – by Paul and his partner. One thing leads to another and things could be looking up for Paul, except for Leanne's friends – quarrelling mom Nicky and financial goddess Jade – have it out for her ex.
Leanne wants closure, Paul wants a home, and Nicky and Jade want revenge. Blackmail, lies, adultery, entrapment. Will it all work out in the end or will Paul uphold the law? It sounds like he needs a Warrant for Love.
Finding footprints on the windscreen for her boyfriend’s car as evidence of his infidelity was worst case scenario for Lee. What would YOURS be?  What would you do about it?  Witty but NOT too rude suggestions, please.  One name will be randomly selected from the blogs taking part to receive a copy of Warrant for Love.
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