Thursday 6 December 2012

A Busy ‘Babbity’ Week!

You may think that as it’s been both St Andrew’s Day and Scottish Book Week since I did a personal post that I’ve been skiving - but actually I’ve been very busy indeed!

This past week, I’ve braved the first snows of a Scottish winter to go out Christmas shopping and I’ve also ventured to Glasgow to meet up with the wonderful Writers Scotland Group for our annual Christmas lunch at Babbity Bowsters restaurant.

Writers Scotland Christmas Lunch in Glasgow


Online, I was interviewed for the wonderful and you can read my answers to such questions as why I set my novels in Scotland, if I think I have a particular writing style, and about my writing plans for 2013 HERE.


I also took part in a couple of online discussions with fellow authors on The first was about what authors might do to prepare for Christmas sales in light of the release of the Kindle Fire. You can read this article HERE. The second debate was a look back to what we, as authors, had learned over the past year and it makes for interesting reading. You can catch this post HERE.


There have been some wonderful 4 and 5 star reviews for Bagpipes & Bullshot, Reaching for the Stars and How Do You Voodoo? over the past couple of weeks and I want you to know how much I appreciate the time and trouble it takes to write a review when you have enjoyed my books.


Suzanne Turner, an reviewer, said of my new novella ‘How Do You Voodoo?’ “I was so desperate to know what happened to Nola that I devoured the book in a matter of hours (I even read while vacuuming which isn’t easy!)"


It made me giggle to think of Suzanne with the vacuum cleaner in one hand and her Kindle in the other!


Also this week, a kind Tweep on Twitter said that the tartan covers of my novels make them look like they are all wrapped up for Christmas!


So if YOU are lucky enough to unwrap a Kindle this Christmas please do consider downloading my fun romantic books. All are at low prices for December and January. Of course, if you are a Kindle Select (Prime) subscriber you can borrow all my ebooks for FREE!

There is so much happening over the next few weeks and I’ll continue to post here once a week on a Friday - but did you know that I update my Author Facebook Page several times a week with all my writerly news and views and would love you to ‘like’ my page? Just click HERE

See you next Friday when I have a very special guest showcase
Janice xx