Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Very Next Day....

Well, there are empty champagne bottles strewn around and the place is a total mess, but what can I say, I’ve got to hand it to you all bloggers and tweeps alike - you absolutely know how to party and ‘Reaching for the Stars’ really did get a fantastic send off yesterday!

By early evening we had stormed though not one but three Top 100 charts on Amazon (okay, I haven’t logged on yet to see where we are this morning) but we cracked the Top 50 at number 49 of the Women Writers Fiction! Yay!!

Click on the image to enlarge the screen shot taken from Amazon yesterday showing Reaching for the Stars in the bestseller chart rankings...!

First off, this morning, I have many many people to thank and the list is rather long.

This is a bit like an Oscar Speech or something - because I’m well aware that I might have written the book on my own - but after that I had an extensive team on board.

I’d like to thank my husband Trav, for his strength, patience and love, and our three wonderful sons. Next, the Writers Scotland Group -  my writerly soul mates of a higher order. Loveahappyending, headed up by the wonderful Linn B Halton and supported by the fabulous Associate Authors, Editors and Readers. Then there is the amazing Team Horton (to whom my book is dedicated) and, in amongst those amazing people on my team is my lovely and clever Editor, Kit Domino.

Special mentions go to Sara Bain, my wonderful friend and ace photographer who absolutely knows how to use lighting, JT Lindroos, my fabulous book cover designer who is so wise and competent.

So as you can see, this is not a lonely effort but one which relies entirely on those who cheer me on, those who offer me advice when it’s needed and yet are always there to party when it’s necessary. Thank you so very much each and every one of you - I love you all!

Before I list all the fabulous party peeps - I’d like to ask you to take a minute to pop over to the lovely Lou Graham’s Blog today. Lou is a very respected book blogger and she was gracious enough to offer to do the very first review of ‘Reaching for the Stars’ (she gave it five stars!) as well as kicking off my ten stop blog tour as my host - where she is interviewing two of the main characters in 'Reaching for the Stars':


Now, if perchance you haven’t got your own copy of Reaching for the Stars at the very special launch price of 95p / $1.48 yet then do grab yourself a bargain copy now. Go on you know you want to... doncha?!

Come back tomorrow to find out:

Who won the fabulous blog / twitter party draw prizes...?
Who's winning the celebrity chef fun blog poll...?
Where I'm appearing next in the Reaching for the Stars fabulous Blog Tour...!

Love, Janice xxx


K. Rosenberg said...

Congratulations, Janice, great showing! Nice to see you tearing up the charts!

Sue Fortin said...

Huge congratulations Janet! So pleased for you and it's excellent news about Amazon. I loved the Wish I Was Here ... theme and looking forward to keeping up with the tour now. Well done! x

Rebecca Leith said...

Well done, Janice. It was great fun to be part of the launch. So, what's the theme for the next one? Shall follow the blog tour, best of luck with it. XXXX

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Janice - many congratulations .. you are certainly Reaching for the Stars - have a fun time .. cheers Hilary

Pauline Barclay said...

Congratulations Janice, you will be no 1 before the year is out and so well deserved, a top notch author!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Fantastic results and a great party day, Janice. Wishing you even more success as you reach for those stars!

Ananda said...
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Ananda said...

YAY!!!Congrats Janice,was such a fun blogging about the launch day and I am soooooo happy for you:)Those are great numbers on AMAZON.Agree with Pauline, you'll be number 1 before the year is out:)Once again congrats! Hugs xx

Melanie said...

Woo hoo! It sure was a party. Congratulations on such a successful launch party day!

Chris Longmuir said...

How's the head this morning. D'you think you could manage another Bellini? Oh, and wasn't the sunrise over Lake Zurich something to die for? I'll bet you're glad I shook you awake. Pity you had to rush back though to check the sales. Forgot to ask - is the #starchef still aboard the Orient Express? I forgot to check when we disembarked!

Unknown said...

Hi, Janice. Congratulations, how wonderful to hear it's all going so brilliantly!

Lindsay said...

That's brilliant Janice, a great launch, well done! x

Nicky Wells said...

I am so excited for you, Janice, that is fantastic news--and well deserved, you've worked so hard. Woohooo! No 1 next! XX

Janice said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments - erm, actually my head is a bit muzzy this morning, so I think I'll forgo the Bellini and stick to the coffee!

If you get a chance in your own coffee break today - I'd love it if you could pop over to the lovely Lou's blog as she's my first blog tour host and she's interviewing Chef Finn McDuff and Raine Sanderson - and you know how diificult Finn can be in these interview situations - she might need a hand or a comment of encouragement!(The link in my post today).

Thanks so much, love Janice xx

Old Kitty said...

I so enjoyed travelling into bloggie friends' wishful places! GOOD LUCK with your wonderful book and thank you for hosting a most magical party! Yay! Take care

Sheryl Browne said...

What a fabulous show of support. Well-deserved, Janice. Onward and upward! :) xx

Rebecca Bradley said...

Congratulations Janice on a well deserved great launch!

Anonymous said...

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