Friday, 1 February 2013

The End... or is it?

This is the end, Hold your breath, And count to ten
(Lyrics to Skyfall by Adele)

Today I wrote The End of my romantic suspense novella ‘Voodoo Wedding’ which is the sequel to ‘How Do You Voodoo?’ - Yay!

But of course, it’s not The End really because despite editing as I write, I do know the manuscript needs a bit of a polish and I still need to smooth over a few tiny plot holes. Then I’ll transfer the manuscript to my Kindle for reading it as a reader rather than a writer and I’ll go back and polish it some more. Next week, I’ll send it off to my trusted Editor for a story critique and I’ll take on board her thoughts, and if I agree (she’s very wise and clever so I usually do – and she has an uncanny knack of telling what I suspected all along) I’ll work on it some more. Then it will be edited again for grammar, spelling mistakes, silly typos, layout inconsistencies, etc - and then, finally, it will be The End!

I thought you might enjoy these quotes on writing The End:

Frank Herbert

 “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

“Bilbo – have you thought of an ending?
Frodo – Yes, several, and all are dark and unpleasant."

Rose Tremain

“In the planning stage of a book, I don’t plan the ending. It has to be earned by all that will go before it.”
John Geddes
“My novels are like life – I never know where they are going until the end.”
And my personal favourite:

 It’s by Winston Churchill
“Now is not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

So writers – tell me - how do YOU come to The End…?

and how far off The End are you when you get there…?

 Readers – do YOU look for a happy ending every time…?

Have ya’ say and haste ya comments!



Nicky Wells said...

Congratulations, Janice, that is such an amazing moment. I'm doing the happy dance with you right now! XXX

myraduffy said...

Well done,Janice -one down,two to go of the three you set yourself to write this year!

Sheryl Browne said...

My son usually types it halfway through my ms. To be exact, he types 'and then she woke up' while I'm away from my PC. Don't you just love him! Great post, Janice. Well done you! :) xx

Emma Calin said...

That's great - now to get it out there so we can all see it!

Joan Fleming said...

Even though it's not THE END, Janice, it's the end of the first draft, which is an important milestone.

Melanie said...

Yay! You must be thrilled to get the first draft completed. Happy for you!

I usually write the ending very early in the draft so I know where I have to get for that last wee (or not so wee bit).

Can't wait to read Voodoo Wedding.

Harriet Schultz said...

How timely! I hope you're rewarding yourself with something nice -- chocolate?

I'm heading into the final chapter of the sequel to Legacy of the Highlands and suddenly feel paralyzed with uncertainty. I'm told that the words that immediately precede "The End" are what readers remember and so they've become more of a challenge (to me at least) than the story's opening. But as the Nike people say, "Just do it." And so I shall. Thanks for the inspiration and I love the quotes!

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Well personally I don't think there is an end... I could tinker forever! Even re-edited (totally) my debut novel which had been edited by someone with a lot of experience. But just 2 years on I realised I'd grown as a writer. I thought that only applied to poetry, which most poets admit they keep revisiting and tinkering! So good luck on the next round Janice, but it's all there now and you can play to you heart's content! The satisfaction of that final word is still a thrill. Lxx

Nikki said...

I have said this before and I will say it again as a reader it is so interesting to get a behind the scenes look at how books are created, written and put together. You learn so much from reading posts like this one. Thank you for sharing Janice.

Anonymous said...

I like your process, Janice. Reading it on Kindle to get a sense of it for editing/revision is a good idea. I remember trying to please all my fictitious characters and my real first readers. I wrote eight different endings for The Wind Weeps before I decided on the one that would work best. It's not always easy to find the right ending.


I agree with you Nikki. I love hearing about the processes. I cannot wait to read Voodoo Wedding!!!

Janice said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and for the encouragement!

I find it facinating how other authors approach writing The End of their manuscripts and appreciate that readers have an interest in the process too.

And like Harriet (*waves* to Harriet - good luck with your new novel!) I too find it quite nerve racking in wondering if I've got it right for my readers!

Love, Janice xx

Sandra Mackness said...

Great comments about a terrific blog post, Janice. I've just finished Book 3 of a trilogy so I feel as though I've come to the end thrice in about six months. Now it's time to begin something new but that's a different story...

Anonymous said...

I struggle with endings, Janice. If one seems to be hovering I like to grab it before my brain heads off down another side-alley. Anne

Janice said...

Thank you Sandra - I was interested to hear that you just finished a trilogy. My 'Voodoo' novellas are a trilogy too - with the third part (Voodoo Child) scheduled for release on 31st October - exactly a year from the first (How Do You Voodoo?)

Congratulations on completing yours!

Anne - this particular ending came to me (as inspiration often does) just as I was getting off to sleep one night and it's a line of dialogue!

Thanks for your lovely comments.

Janice xx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

That's a great achievement, Janice - I love when a first draft is completed!