Friday, 8 February 2013

Is it Spring yet...?

I happened to notice that it was past 5pm before it got properly dark last night here in Scotland and when I came out of the cottage this morning, the snow had stopped falling outside, the sun had come out, there were snowdrops in the garden. Yay!

So to celebrate the possibility of Spring arriving and as a reward to myself for finally sending ‘Voodoo Wedding’ (the sequel to How Do You Voodoo?) off to my lovely editor today, and in anticipation of it launching to Amazon for Kindle on 1st March, I’m taking a trip to the fabulous city of Edinburgh to get my hair done!
 What do you think? Should I go the whole way and have purple highlights..?
Available to download to your Kindle
on 1st March 2013

The sequel to 'How Do You Voodoo?'
and Part Two of the Voodoo Romance Trilogy!

Voodoo Wedding
Did you know 'How Do You Voodoo?' is listed in Love Reading Love Books 'Five Star Reviews of 2012' ?
How Do You Voodoo?
“The scene in the Necropolis Cemetery was full of the kind of suspense you would expect in a Stephen King book.” Indie Ebook Review

“I really enjoyed the light-hearted tone of the novella and the humour that Janice Horton brings to it.”
Love Reading Love Books

“A really enjoyable and highly entertaining read.”
Kim the Bookworm

“A little bit of humour and a plot that makes you want to keep reading on.”
Lou Graham – Book Blogger

Next week I’m hoping to do the cover reveal for Voodoo Wedding!
So Haste ye Back! 


Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Spring is around the corner and those snowdrops look fabulous! Congrats on penning that final word - time to kick back a little I think! Enjoy being spoiled in the salon....

Unknown said...

It's on it's way. But then again, so is Christmas. lol

Sheryl Browne said...

Nooo, don't do it! Purple hair is not a good look, Janice! :) Well done on getting 'Voodoo Wedding' completed. Can't wait to read it! :) xx

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Janice .. great news re the book - well done ... and oh ok your hair would match the crocuses, the irises that will be springing up and your blog - and I might even travel to Scotland to visit .. but I think keep it simple!!

Cheers and enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

Melanie said...

Why not get a couple of purple foils done? Not too many. A couple on each side but you might have to get the rest of your hair dyed darker, too.

According to our "local" groundhog, Wiarton Willie, we're supposed to have an early spring. But if you looked outside this morning, you'd never know it. Snowing and blowing like crazy right now. Made for an interesting drive to work. Worst part was the lorries passing and the snow they kicked up from the unplowed passing lane on the motorway.

Congrats on getting Voodoo Wedding off to your editor.

Don't forget - pictures of the purple streaks... make them the same colour as your tartan background on your blog.

Unknown said...

Spring is just around the corner, but not this weekend. :) Manuscript complete, well done!

Sue Fortin said...

Well done for getting it finished - I shall look forward to reading it. Thank you for the mention too.

As for hair colour, I quite like the idea of purple highlights.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

All the best with the next novella, Janice - and the hair cut!

Janice said...

Hi everyone and thank you for your lovely comments. I'm back from Edinburgh and have had my hair done - but I didn't go for the purple streaks I have to confess!

I love the idea of your local groundhog predicting an early Spring, Melanie. I asked my two west highland 'groundhogs' polly and Ruby what they thought - but so far they aren't telling!

I'm in the final edits stage of Voodoo Wedding now and waiting for my cover designer to get back to me - so see you Friday folks!

Janice xxx