Friday 27 July 2012

Tags: No, not the ones on your luggage….

But the ones we attach to ourselves as Authors. The identity tag we associate with our brand so that our reader knows exactly what to expect from us and what is likely to be the common thread in each and every one of our books.
An Author tagline conveys to our reader in just a few words what genre we write in and how our books will make them feel. If we get it right, we can use it on all our emails and promotional material, making it easier for readers to find our books, our backlist, and to buy our next book.
We want our reader to make an informed choice when they buy and read our books. It used to be enough to choose a genre, think up a suitable title and pick out an appropriate cover – but not anymore. In order for your reader to have a positive and fulfilling reading experience they need more information. They need to know in advance what to expect between the covers. They need it spelled out – and in as few words as possible.
Phew, easier said than done!
The Author Tagline should contain the key words that you want to associate with yourself, your brand, and your writing. It should be descriptive, evocative, appealing, informative, exciting, concise and immediate.
So this week I have been tossing and turning and mulling over my own Author Tag.
I have my key words: Scottish, Scotland, contemporary, fiction, romance, romantic, humour, fun, light romance, dark humour….
So far I have toyed with: Janice Horton -

Contemporary romance in a Scottish setting – with humour

Contemporary Scottish romance – with humour

Light Scottish Romance – Dark Contemporary Humour

Light Contemporary Scottish Romance with Dark Humour

Light romance. Dark humour. Scottish heroes

Dark Humour. Light Contemporary Romance

Dark Humour. Light Romance. Today’s McHeroes

Dark Humour. Light Romance. Hold out for a McHero

 Okay, I think I like the last one best – but what do you think?
And do you have a tagline or any clever tips for coming up with one?
If you do have one - will you share - please….?

Before I go completely tagging crazy…!!