Thursday 24 November 2011

Celebrity Chefs - who do you love...?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em those celebrity chefs are everywhere - at food shows, in your magazines, on your TV and in your face - but which one do you love the best?

My new novel, launching for Kindle on Wednesday 14th December is entitled ‘Reaching for the Stars’ and is about a disillusioned Scottish celebrity chef who has just won his third star and lost his third wife.

The idea for this novel sprung from my fascination for the rock stars of the culinary world. I have my favourites - what about you?

So who has you salivating on the sofa? Vote now using the poll on the sidebar!

With great excitement I’d like to announce from 15th to 23rd December, following the fabulous and fun themed blog party, I’ll be on a blog tour with my new novel ‘Reaching for the Stars’. I’ll be talking about what inspired me to write about a sexy celebrity chef, the research I did and how it ended up as a television news feature, and about my life as a writer living in the wilds of Scotland.

These are the stops - and I’d be delighted if you were able to take a little time out of your busy Christmas schedules to visit the tour host’s blogs (links will be provided on the day) and perhaps leave a comment and even tweet or share the links? I’d really appreciate any and all support you are able to offer!

Thursday 15th December
Lou Graham’s Blog
Friday 16th December
Celtic Connexions Blog
Saturday 17th December
Jera’s Jamboree Blog,  High Heels & Book Deals,  Debs Carr Blog
Sunday 18th December
Today I’m Reading Blog
Monday 19th December
Rea Book Reviews Blog
Tuesday 20th December
Turning the Pages Blog
Wednesday 21st December
Kim The Bookworm Blog
Thursday 22nd December
Love Reading Love Books
Friday 23rd December
Talli Roland’s Blog

In ‘Reaching for the Stars’ the main character Chef Finn McDuff feels he's had enough of all the food campaigns, the TV cookery shows, the constant frenzy surrounding his private life and disappears into a self-imposed exile for a while. Read an excerpt here.

So, the theme of Launch Day is therefore 'Wish I Was Here...'

On Wednesday 14th December just put up a photo or picture on YOUR BLOG of where you wish you could escape to - for a little while - or forever! It might be a paradise island, a secluded beach, a woodland hut, a mountain ski lodge? The possibilities are endless - but fun to imagine right in the middle of December!

Then On Launch Day I will post a full list of all the blogs taking part and I'll be visiting all the blogs to see where YOU would like to escape to and to leave a comment!

I'd love it if you would consider taking part. All you need to do at this stage is submit your email and blog address into the form below. On the day itself you can pop along too to see where everyone wishes they where if you wish, but there is no obligation to do so. Every participant will be entered in a draw to win fun prizes - there are chef's hats and celebrity chef aprons to be won!

I really appreciate all your support.

Janice x