Friday, 21 October 2011

Sometimes naughty and sometimes sweet...

I have a guest blogger and yes, I’m sure she really is a combination of naughty and sweet, but mostly she is a clever, witty and very talented reporter/presenter/writer, who has a fabulous new e-book out which is also available as an audio book! You can tell I’m a member on the Gilly Fraser fan club can’t you - and once you’ve read/listened to Forbidden Love and Other Stories - I bet you will be too!

Take it away Gilly...!

When I was a kid, we had an old tree in the back garden which was just perfect for sitting in. I used to scramble up to my favourite perch among its branches with a pad and pen and scribble away to my heart’s content, writing story after story after story. In those days they all featured ponies - the first great love of my life. Now despite the fact that I’m a Gemini - well-known as the flighty, fickle, flibbertigibbets of the zodiac, I have remained true to those two early passions - I still love all things equine - and I still love to write.

I was lucky enough to have nine books published by Mills and Boon under my pen-name of Rachel Elliot, and now I’m diving headfirst into the exciting and brave new world of epublishing, but this time without the lifejacket of a nom de plume. I love the freedom that epublishing affords - freedom to write on any subject under the sun, freedom to wander at will from your normal genre without an irate publisher hauling you back by the scruff of your neck, freedom to write without worrying that you might get ignominiously dumped for unsatisfactory sales.

I particularly enjoy writing romance - sometimes naughty and sometimes sweet - but I’m also keen to explore other avenues. A story has been bobbing about in my head for the past couple of years which has a darker side to it, and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it to see where it might lead. It’s not a romance, it’s not a thriller, it’s not crime - and that in itself would be a no-no for most agents and publishers because they do like something they can pigeonhole.

Nowadays when I write, I sit in a tatty old leather chair before a desk liberally strewn with letters, magazines, post-it notes and books in a room which lays claim to being an office but is really a glory-hole, providing a home for all the stuff in the house that didn’t quite fit in anywhere else. Which probably includes me, come to think of it!

A few years ago I visited Gracelands in Memphis and came home with a poster of a young Elvis on a lovely Palomino horse with the words… ‘Getting up in the morning is always easier when there’s a horse waiting for you.' Elvis said it - and I ain’t about to disagree with the King. To that I’ll just add - ‘the day gets even better when there’s a half-written story waiting for you as well…’

My first ebook Forbidden Love and Other Stories’ can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords, or you can buy an MP3 cd version through my blog It will soon be available as a hold-it-in-your-hands and turn-the-pages book as well - just as soon as it comes back from the printers. Please let me know what you think of it!

Gilly Fraser is a former reporter/presenter with Carlisle-based Border TV, a Mills & Boon novelist under the name of Rachel Elliot, and the owner of pony-trekking centre in the Scottish Borders. She is currently the Co-Presenter of BBC Radio Cumbria Show, Gilly & Kim Let Loose with Kim Inglis, she is also a Freelance Journalist writing for magazines and newspapers, and the owner of small PR and dvd production company. Gilly is also kickstarting romantic novel-writing back into life after a long sleep and in the future she plans to be the winner of prizes for wonderful romantic novels, many of which will be turned into Oscar-winning movies. Obviously! She also loves horses, dogs, cats – and her husband Malcolm, who apparently sings great songs.

Gilly's Blog: Reclaim The Romance
Gilly on Twitter: @GillyFraser

'Forbidden Love and Other Stories' on Amazon UK and Amazon.Com and Smashwords

Janice says: This week, I'm still busy working away on edits for 'Reaching for the Stars' but next Friday I'll have an excerpt for you together with exciting news about a launch date. Do come back then!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this guest post, Janice.

Gilly, I love the cover of This book and I'm so impressed at the fact you have had nine books published with Mills and Boon. I would love to be involved with them myself.

I'll hopefully catch you on Twitter and shall check out your blog.

Best wishes, Kathryn (CJ) xx

Melanie said...

Great guest post, Janice.

Love the cover. I get the impression he's about to swing the guitar over his head and smash it to smitherenes.

Congrats on your 9 books with M&B and best wishes for loads of sales for your trek into the world of indie publishing!

Old Kitty said...

I loved M&B!! Great to meet you Gilly!! Good luck with your new anthology - are these the darker, genre free stories? Yay - thanks Janice for hosting!!!

Take care

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Great post, Gilly, and it's lovely to see you jumping back into the romantic fiction world! You're holding the fort beautifully while Janice is knee deep in edits.

Pauline Barclay said...

Loved this Blog Jancice and nice to see Gilly again. Gilly featured last week on my Blog with her 1st Sentence. I love the book cover and it is already on my reading list. Good luck Gilly with everything and good luck Janice with your edits.

myra duffy said...

It's such fun to meet lots of different people on blogs!
Hope all the edits go well, Janice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments - it was such a great surprise to pop over to Janice's blog this morning and find that you'd all taken the trouble to leave a message.

Kathryn - I'm especially chuffed that you like the cover of my book - it was created by my very good friend Wendy Patterson, who actually specialises in painting Scottish wildlife on slate, but was happy to diversify for this project. She's a huge Bon Jovi fan, and the hero of Forbidden Love itself is a rock star - so I rather think she had BJ in mind - no bad inspiration, though I'm more of a Springsteen girl myself...

Melanie - you could well be right about him preparing to smash the guitar to smithereens - you know what these rock stars are like - and as Forbidden Love explains, this bad boy is going through a very frustrating period in his life...

Kitty - the stories in Forbidden Love are all fairly light romances, with - I hope - a humorous slant. The Great Pretender edges into slightly darker territory, but not too far. My plan is to bring out another anthology of short stories - this time with the emphasis on the sweet side of romance (so my Mum doesn't have to be embarrassed at the W.I.!) Then I'm really going to concentrate on the new story - which has been pleading for attention for ages!

Ros - Thank you for your kind words - and I'm really grateful to Janice for inviting me onto her very successful and hospitable blog...

Pauline - I haven't forgotten your kind poolside invitation - and I hope it still stands, because I've got my cozzie all ready!

Anonymous said...

Great guest post. Thorougly enjoyed reading. Thank you both.

Chris Longmuir said...

Great post, Gilly, and there was lots I didn't know about you. I have downloaded your book, even though romance isn't really my forte. Once I get round to reading it I'll leave a review of course.

Talli Roland said...

Congrats on taking the plunge to e-publish, Gilly! Love the cover.

Hi Janice! :)

Unknown said...

That cover is gorgeous, Gilly. Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Chris - I truly appreciate you stepping out of your comfort zone to read my book - especially since your writing forte definitely ain't comfort! I look forward (with some trepidation...) to your review!

Talli and Shirley - thank you both very much for your kind words and good wishes - I'm very glad to have them!

Joan Fleming said...

Gilly - there's so much here I didn't know about you. I'm looking forward to reading Forbidden Love. Janice - hope the edits are going well.

Dr. Niamh Clune said...

I have to agree with all that has been said! I love this book cover. So quirky and compelling!!!Great Blog!

Janice said...

Hi everyone - thanks for the lovely comments and for your great post, Gilly!

Tomorrow I've a bit more about by new book Reaching for the Stars and an excerpt from Chapter One!

love Janice xx