Friday, 4 January 2013

Planning Ahead…?


I’m not so keen on New Year resolutions but I do like to set myself goals for the year ahead. I also like to think big. After all, with hard work and luck, anything is possible and who knows what opportunities will present themselves along the way?

So this year, I’m planning to be better at time management and to use the time I reclaim to be more focussed on my writing. I still plan to be just as active here on the blog and on all social media - and be open to any opportunities that come my way to connect with readers and writers - but I really need to manage my time better so that I can ‘do it all’ and finish the three books I plan to write and publish this year.

Do you find that time runs away from you? What are your plans and is there one goal you’d like to focus on in 2013?

Of course, it can't be all work and it’s nice to have other things to look forward to. This year, I’d quite like to do a few more speaking engagements at reader/writer events - should the opportunity arise - having now got a couple of talks successfully under my belt during 2012. I also plan to attend as many writer events and conferences as I can in 2013; certainly The Romantic Novelist’s Association conference in July and the Festival of Romance in November and hopefully lots of others in between.

So what about you? Are your goals big or small? What would you like to make happen in 2013…?

Please do feel free to leave a comment below!

Incidentally, do you ever plan to visit Scotland? Because apparently the US broadcasting network CNN has just named Scotland as its Top Travel Destination for 2013 saying “anyone who has seen (the Bond film) Skyfall, part of which was filmed in Glencoe (see the pic at the top) would have left the cinema wishing they could race through Scotland’s dramatic countryside”. You can read the full article HERE.

Well now you CAN visit Scotland AND without leaving the comfort of your own home.

All you have to do is pop back here to my Scotland based and tartan clad blog every Friday. Yay!!

Haste ye Back – as we like to say in Scotland!


Mandy said...

Three books! I am aiming for two! Time management is one of my resolutions too, Janice! Let's hope we can both do it!

Mandy :)

Janice said...

Hi Lady B and happy new year to you. If you come across any good time management tips over the year - please do share. Best wishes for 2013!

Janice x

Carol said...

I used to have a pretty good balance, reading, blogging, visting - oh and looking after the family.
It went pear-shaped with the wedding prep last year, but hoping to claw it back this year.

We visited Scotland in 2011. I loved my first visit and want to go back.
We went to The Highlands and I want to go back there.


Bill Kirton said...

I have 3 books on the stocks, too, Janice but now all I can think of is how I'm going to be reading about you ticking yours off one by one as I make excuses to put off the dread moment of commitment. On the other hand, your efforts may prove the inspiration I need.

In other words, if mine don't get written, it's your fault. Happy New Year. X

Janice said...

Your comment made me smile Bill, or Brill, as I prefer to call you - as a nod to your esteemed middle name, Brilliant. Well, it seems we are both a the starting gate together Brill, and you might just be the one true inspiration to get me to that far off finish line!

Happy New Year to you too and good luck!

Janice xx

Kit Domino said...

When you find the solution to better time management, let me know, please. I never seem to have enough hours in the day! My goal this year to actually finish writing the book I started 2 years ago. That's on top of the two books I'm hoping to see published this year. Would love to visit Scotland again. Fell in love with Inverness and want to go back. Good Luck in achieving your goals, Janice :)

Janice said...

That is the problem - not enough hours in the day - but then if there were more I'd be exhausted!

If you ever fancy a visit Kit - you should let me know. It would be great to catch up again in 2013.

love, Janice xx

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such ambitious people. My goal is to get a handle on the book marketing which I find to be so time-consuming that it really cuts into my writing time. And then there's the rest of my life... I think it's the same for all of us - there's never enough time!

Janice said...

Your comment made me giggle, Anneli, as it seems we have the opposite ends of the problem. I need to get a handle on the book writing as the marketing is so time consuming!

I do know that I enjoy social media rather too much and that I'd much rather plan a virtual party or attend a writer's lunch than actually put my nose to the grindstone (or rather, the laptop) and do some work!

I hope we can both find the perfect balance in 2013.

Happy New Year, Anneli!

Love, Janice xx

Melanie said...

Three books in 2013? I'll be chuffed to bits just to get the first draft of my second book done this year.

If you come up with any brilliant suggestions for time management, pass them on.

I did see the article where CNN named Scotland as its top travel destination... but then we already knew that.

JO said...

So many plans - good for you.

I don't do resolutions any more, as I never achieved them and it seemed crazy setting myself up to fail year after year. So now I just do the best I can, and it works for me.

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Interesting post Janice. I have always started a New Year with a long list and I usually achieve virtually everything on the list, even when it's unrealistic! This year - blank piece of paper. I've decided I'm at a point where I am going to see what unfolds naturally. I'm trusting in fate and Jonathan Cainer of course!

Miriam Wakerly said...

I have reached a time of life - well into retirement - when I see no point in doing anything I don't actually enjoy!! Aside from certain chores and other responsibilities of course, I am happy to ditch time management and float! Writing is my real pleasure, I have to confess.

Janice said...

Melanie - well I did say that I think big! The three books are actually two novellas and a full length novel.(Part 2 & 3 of my 'Voodoo Romance' trilogy - which put together will form the length of a full novel) and a full length which I hope to publish in December 2013. It's a heavy schedule for me - but this is the first year ever that I can write full time and not have to go out to work - so I intend to make the most of such a fabulous opportunity. If I fail, I might be back in an office this time next year, lol!

And yes, we always knew that Scotland is No.1!

Love, Janice xx

Janice said...

Hi Jo - I agree that doing the best you can is a good plan. Happy New Year to you!

Janice xx

Janice said...

Hi Linn - I can't wait to see what and where you blank peice of paper leads you! I too read my horoscope on Jonathan Cainer's and Susan Miller's Astrology Zone page. I hope the stars will guide us well this year.

Hi Miriam - your floating along sounds rather blissful. I do take time out to 'float along' occasionally and I do also enjoy my daily 'power walk' in the Scottish countryside. It's not good to spend too long sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen. Happy New Year!

Janice xx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Great goals, Janice, and I'm sure you'll achieve them all! I have several things on the go which I'm hoping will end well and I love that philosophy of being open to opportunities (I'm judging 2 comps before summer). As for Scotland even Brave would make people want to come here!

Janice said...

I hope so Rosemary. Good luck with your projects for 2013. Yes, I saw Brave!

Janice xx

myraduffy said...

You're an inspiration,Janice.And yes, being open to opportunities is an excellent way to start the New Year.