Friday, 22 June 2012

The Summer Audience Event

I could have floated back to Glasgow from Gloucestershire on a cloud of happiness rather than taken a flight with Easyjet. The Loveahappyending Summer Audience weekend was fabulous fun and an amazing success!  And it was all down to the organisational skills of the woman at the helm, Linn B Halton. I first met Linn on Twitter just over a year ago, when she said she was setting up a reader/writer website and asked if I like to be part of it. I was new to Twitter but immediately recognised this as a good opportunity. I’ve never looked back - became established - and Linn and I have become firm friends.

I’d never done an author talk before, and so I was naturally anxious when climbing the stage to deliver my Zero to my Latest Hero speech last Saturday but, happily, the support of my fellow authors and the warm vibes from all the avid readers attending the event gave me the boost I needed to talk, on a very personal level, about why and how I became a writer.
Delivering my 'Zero to my Latest Hero' talk!

The day was not only a fabulous success but also a wonderful opportunity to meet up with the seventeen authors attending and to catch up with some of my own 'Team Horton' Associate Readers and book bloggers like Louise Graham, Sharon (Shaz) Goodwin, Sue Fortin and Kim (The Book Worm) Nash.

With Kim 'The Book Worm' Nash

Thoughout the day, Kim was also broadcasting live via Stafford FM's Book Club and interviewing attendants!

With book blogger Louise Graham

With book blogger Sharon 'Shaz' Goodwin

With fellow author Mandy Baggot and my editor Kit Domino

With fellow Scottish author Chris Longmuir

Me with author & event organiser Linn B Halton and Lou Graham

One of the highlights of the day was the keynote speech by Catrin Collier, which everyone agreed was spell-binding. Catrin, under various pen names, has published over 41 novels worldwide. She has had three stage plays professionally performed in addition to publishing various articles and short stories. Her first Catrin Collier novel, Hearts of Gold was filmed as a mini-series by BBC Worldwide, and attracted an audience of 6.8 million viewers when shown on UK network TV. Another highlight came in the form of the lovely award-winning author Jill Mansell, who dropped in to select one lucky winner of a a stack of books and e-books, plus a ‘Devils With Wings’ signed poster by author Harvey Black.

Author Harvey Black with his alter-ego Jeremy - but which is which...?

The Loveahappyending Group Photo!

We polished off the day with a meal in a cosy Cotswold pub and raised our drinks to toast a fabulously successful event, each other, and to Linn B Halton and her lovely husband Lawrence for  making it all happen and for bringing us all together

You can read lots more about the Summer Event, our Featured Authors and Associate Readers by visiting the website HERE

And tomorrow, Saturday 23rd June, I’ve been asked to speak to authors in Dumfries and Galloway on ‘Building an Author Platform’.  The event, organised by The Creative Arts Business Network (CABN) in Scotland, is being held at the Urr Valley Hotel, Castle Douglas. I’m really looking forward to it and hope all this practice will stand me in good stead for doing lots more author talks in the future. I’ll report back on how it went next Friday. Wish me luck!


Sue Fortin said...

Hi Janice

Was so lovely to finally meet you in person last week. All weekend I shall be saying, 'This time last week'.

See you soon, hopefully.


Melanie said...

So wish I could have been at the Summer Audience last weekend.

Looking forward to hearing about your presentation tomorrow. That's quite the hotel! I visited their website.

Kit Domino said...

Yay, we finally managed to meet in the flesh. You did absolutely brilliantly with your first talk - the first of many, I am sure. Good luck tomorrow. Kit X :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing these photos Janice and telling us all about the event. x

Jan Brigden said...

Wow! This sounded and looked (great photos!) like such a fab event. I so wish I could have been there. Really pleased everything went so well. Everyone looks so happy in the pictures. It was clearly a very successful weekend. Great blog post, Janice :) x x

Chris Longmuir said...

It was a really great time and it was wonderful to meet up with people who had only been names and photos up till then. You've done a great post on it, Janice.

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Janice, your talk was amazing - it was heart-felt and honest, you couldn't hear a pin drop whilst you were talking. Your Review Chair is the King-pin of and you have been an amazing Editor - everyone in the group applauds you! Thank you for helping to make it a perfect day. Lxx

Sharon Goodwin said...

It was an amazing day Janice. It shows the power of Twitter in making friends (as well as for promotion!) as I didn't feel uncomfortable with anyone. Felt like we all knew each other :) I am blessed to have been able to have attended and to have been a part of it x

Mandy said...

Loved every minute of the weekend and it was so nice to meet you!!

Mandy x

Sheryl Browne said...

Fab day! Your introductory talk did us proud, Janice. Uber-cool, totally confident and extremely interesting! All the right elements! :) Good luck tomorrow! xx

Unknown said...

It was a great day and a great event. Looking forward to the next one. HB

Old Kitty said...

What a really fab event!!! You all look amazing!! Take care

Anonymous said...

Janice it was wonderful to meet you! You did a wonderful job on your talk and you are a complete rock star.

AliB said...

thoroughly enjoyed the talk - and 'Reaching for the Stars'

Emma Calin said...

I had a great day out - and what a Happy Ending it was to be given the opportunity to join this friendly group.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Sounds a wonderful weekend, Janice, and you look fabulous - as always!

Joan Fleming said...

Looks a really successful event, Janice. Lovely pix!

Myra Duffy said...

Great blog,Janice. Good luck with the next event..and with the weather!

Talli Roland said...

Oh, it all looks so lovely! Glad you had a good time.

Nicola Morgan said...

Hi Janice
Well, I wasn't at the LoveHappyEnding event (which sounds great fun) but it was so lovely to meet you yesterday at the CABN conference in Dumfries and Galloway. And your talk was great - it was warm, succinct and informative, three very good qualities. I will now have to slot you and your success story into my talk about using social networking!

Lovely to see a photo of Chris Longmuir, who I know fro the Soc of Authors in Scotland. *waves to Chris*. And ooh, look, there's lovely Talli in the comments - *wavs to Talli, too* I wonder if her ears were burning yesterday?

Take care and huge continued success to you. I hope we meet again soon. Will you be coming to the Edinburgh Book Festival at all?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Janice .. congratulations on what sounds an amazing event ... and then having the opportunity to speak - which according to Nicola you did really well - so lovely to have these cloud moments ..

Looks like you'll be having a great summer and feeding off the success and networking aspects of these events ..

Have fun - Hilary

Susan Bergen said...

What a fabulous day it must have been. I hope I get to attend in the future.

Janice said...

Hi everyone - thanks so much for all your great comments - which I really appreciate. I have to admit that I still haven't come back down to earth after spending two fabulous weekends in a row at writerly events where I got to chat and enjoy the company of so many fabulous writers and readers.

I'm also blushing with delight from lovely Nicola's comment about my talk yesterday at the CABN conference. Thank you, Nicola, I was so looking forward to meeting you as I know we have mutual friends both in Edinburgh and in the RNA.

There is a very good possibility that I could get to the Edinburgh Book Festival this year.Yay!

And I'm planning to attend the RNA Conference next month - will you be there Nicola?

Who else is going? I know Talli is - as I've booked to attend her talk!

On Friday, I'll be blogging about the CABN conference - and will have photos. See you then?

Janice xx

Lesley Rogers said...

Hi Janice,

Thank you so much for yesterday. The feedback from those who were there was that you were excellent. Really look forward to working with you again.

Lesley Rogers

Harriet Grace said...

Great blog. Great talk on the day. LOVELY to meet you and everyone. Harriet xx

Nicola Morgan said...

Janice - I was asked to speak at the RNA conf, but had to say no. I have to try to make time for writing so I'm saying no more often than yes nowadays.

Jean Bull said...

Hi Janice,
I loved this blog and I felt that I was really there with you at the Loveahappyending Summer Audience, so I've awarded you the Be Inspired Award for inspiring blogs.
You can find the logo and questions that you may like to answer on my blog.

Janice said...

Hi Lesley - thanks for your lovely comment and for stopping by. I also look forward to working with you again - just drop me a line anytime!

Hi Harriet - lovely to see you here - thanks so much for your comment.

Nicola - I have promised myself that writerly jollies have to stop for a while after the RNA conference - so that I can get to work on my WIP. Although, I'm sure after all the inspiration, I'll be rearing to go!

Jean - how lovely of you to award me an Inspirational Award. Thank you so very much. I will display it with pride!

Janice xx