Thursday 23 February 2012

Author Showcase - Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown is an author who runs a sheep and arable farm in Northumberland. Her debut novel, ‘Discovery at Rosehill’ is a paranormal romance set in the Scottish Borders. Kathryn is one of thirty hand picked authors on the innovative reader/writer website She is currently on blog tour and you can also find her at her own popular Crystal Jigsaw blog.

Kathryn, tell us a little more about your writing and your life as an Author.
I very rarely go a day without writing something, whether it’s a blog post or an article. Writing is my passion and something I wouldn’t want to be without. I always knew I wanted to be an author but had no idea when it would happen. Determination took over as I began writing ‘Discovery at Rosehill’ and I decided no matter what I would publish the novel – and just for myself if I had to. Being an author is incredibly rewarding but it is hard work, especially when it comes to promotion. I have learned over the past twelve months that marketing a book is so much harder than actually writing it.

What inspires you to write paranormal stories?
My main inspiration is my love for the spirit world. I am sensitive to spirit presence and have probably been so all my life, although it has become more apparent during the last twenty years. I am deeply fascinated with ghosts and spirit communication and I knew this would be the subject on which I would base my debut novel.

How do you research your novels?
I spent about twelve months researching for ‘Discovery at Rosehill’. I asked questions of Mediums and had readings which gave me a real sense of the work they do. But the main research came from my own experiences. I live in a very atmospheric Georgian farm house and my sensitivities have been heightened since moving in here nearly 11 years ago.

Tell us about your novel?
‘Discovery at Rosehill’ is based partly on me and my home. Medium Camilla Armstrong is a strong character, albeit a loner. Communicating regularly with her deceased grandmother, she is led to Rosehill where she moves in and turns the house into the grand residence it once was. But over the years, Rosehill has held many dark secrets and it soon becomes clear to Camilla why her grandmother introduced her to the house in the first place. Camilla makes discoveries about her past and her ancestors, and realises there is more to her life than that of a lonely medium living alone. When she opens her door to the village reverend, she is determined to find love and accept him into her life, even though their spiritual differences post a real threat to any relationship they may have. A third party is introduced to the story in the form of Ross, an old flame of Camilla’s, and someone she still has strong feelings for. As the plot starts to unfold, Camilla discovers the secrets at Rosehill don’t just live within its walls but also surround the vicar, too. Now on a mission to get to the bottom of what is going on, Camilla eventually works out the truth as her communication with the spirits becomes more intense.

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