Friday 30 September 2011

Friendly Faces...

Melanie, Pauline & Mandy
Three lovely friends have awarded me the Friendly Blogger Award this week and the rules are to pass the award on to ten other friendly bloggers. Thank you to:

So below are my chosen friendly ones - please accept my thanks for your lovely friendships by copying and pasting this fabulous award to your own blogs and passing it on to ten other friendly ones - okay, so I’ve taken the liberty of awarding more than ten but, you know, I think if YOU have been friendly enough to visit and Follow this blog and I have somehow not put you on the list - you should accept the award too!

Linn B Halton
Rosemary Gemmell
Kate Walker
Kit Domino
Kenneth Rosenberg
Rea Sinfield
Lou Graham
Sarah Taylor
Kim The Bookworm
Gilly Fraser
Chris Longmuir
Bill Kirton
Sharon Goodwin
Hywela Lyn
Sue Watson
Sue Johnson
Dorothy Bush
Sue Uden
Talli Roland
Angela Barton
Yvonne at World of Poetry
Joan Fleming

Can I also draw your attention to Pauline Barclay’s fantastic blog ‘Scribbles’ as she is featuring the ‘first sentences’ of books you’ll want to read more of in all her blog posts over the next few months (what a fabulous idea!) and if you are an author and would like Pauline to feature your book - do pop along, follow her blog - and ask her. Simples!

P.S. I'll be popping back over the weekend to report on writing progress.

Update: Latest News on Writing Progress

I'm feeling very happy about Reaching For The Stars right now - I'm doing a last edit myself of the the final chapter before it goes off to my editor for a story edit. Yay!!!!