Saturday 20 August 2011

Not one but two great reviews...!

This week Bagpipes & Bullshot has received not one but two great reviews!

Lou Graham -on her book review blog says:
 "This really is RomCom at its best in a rural setting."

Then, a lovely lady called Dorothy Bush from Canada, who won a copy of  Bagpipes & Bullshot in the Launch Day Giveaway, posted this 5* review on Amazon:

"I won Bagpipes and Bullshot in a launch contest and what a great win it was. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I don't normally read romantic comedy, but this is a great light read... sure to please both romance readers and those who like humour. The premise is fresh; who would think to pair a Scottish Laird (Innes Buchanan) and a Texas cow-girl (Orley McKenna)? The result of this unlikely pairing is a fun and adventurous romp through Texas and Scotland. We all know life doesn't run smoothly and Janice Horton has used that fact of life in this story. Being a Laird has its responsibilities, owning ancestral lands and an ancient home takes money which isn't easily earned and then this Laird meets a woman that turns him upside down. One of the obstacles in the way of this romance is a certain young lady who had her sights set on that very same Laird. But said lady (who isn't one - by the way - in any sense of the word) doesn't take this American girl's intrusion lightly. There is plenty of drama and manipulation through-out, lots of tongue-in-cheek humour as well as some laugh-out-loud parts. And on a personal note, I wondered about the bullshot - now I know :) Thanks Janice Horton for a great escape read."

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