Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mandy Baggot - A Rising Star on Tour!

Mandy Baggot has just been announced by Romantic Fiction Online as one of the rising stars of 2012. Mandy has just launched her fifth novel Taking Charge and I'm delighted to be hosting her as as part of her month long blog tour. Mandy is also one of the featured authors at loveahappyending.com and will be taking part at the Summer Audience Event in Tetbury Glos on the 16th June. Mandy has been previously self-published but signed with exciting Sapphire Star Publishing in January this year. Go Mandy!

Food Glorious Food

Hi Janice, thank you for taking part in the Taking Charge blog tour and for having me on your wonderful website! Now, as Janice has written a novel about a celebrity chef and because food plays quite an important role in Taking Charge I am going to be talking about all things eating!

My lead female Robyn Matthers is slightly obsessed with food and none of it is healthy. Her idea of food Heaven is opening up a large bag of kettle chips and devouring the whole lot with a dip to accompany it. She also has a love of gherkins (pickles), barbecue and ice cream. So now, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, I am going to reveal to you my top five favourite foods in DESERT ISLAND FOODS!

5. Roast Dinner
You know what I’m talking about. Nice breast of chicken, broccoli, carrots, swede (rutabaga LOL), peas, stuffing and a plate overflowing with thick gravy! Yum!

4. Greek salad
Not just for holidays! Lettuce, tomato, onion, olives and feta cheese, drizzled in olive oil.

3. Indian
A nice chicken Bombay on a bed of mushroom rice with a tarka dal and a garlic naan. It may not be that healthy but it’s LOVELY.

2. Chinese
Now most of you know that I ADORE food from my home village Chinese takeaway Pearl River. I cannot get enough of their sweet and sour chicken balls! We try and limit these to once a month but it would be a must for me to survive on a desert island.

1. Packet mashed potato
Yes! I had to have it as my number one desert island food. I could not survive without packet mashed potato. It’s quick to make, all you need is hot water and a fork and there’s a low fat hearty meal. I do really take a packet with me whenever I go away anywhere!

So there are my five desert island foods! Now we want to hear what you would take with you to that desert island. What food could you not live without? Leave a comment!

Mandy’s novel Taking Charge was released on 3 May 2012

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Old Kitty said...

Chocolate and cold beer and salty crisps!

Huge congratulations to Mandy!!

Take care

Diane Fordham said...

Congrats to Mandy - well done. I would have to make sure I had chocolate... has to be Cadbury tho! :-)

Kim The Book Worm said...

I've just started reading this only last night so have only read the first few chapters but am loving it already. I think for me it would have to chocolate too I'm afraid. Have a great day everyone. Kim xxx

Sue Fortin said...

I was with you all the way until we got to the packet mash, think I'd have to swap that for something sweet, anything sweet, I'm not fussy.


Nicky Wells said...

congratulations to Mandy the rising star--whooot! Love this blogtour, can't wait to get reading... and my desert island foods? Where to start!!

Prawns, scallops and lobsters as I adore seafood

Pizza (w/double pepperoni, please)


Chinese AND Indian Takeaway

Chocolate (Milka or Lindt, please)#

Then I'd be well made up (and quite fat, but nobody would see so who cares?) GREAT post!

Bonnie Trachtenberg said...

Love this topic! Now that I'm on a very low carb diet, a girl can dream, can't she? Pizza: double cheese and pepperoni please. Must also have the buffalo chicken spring rolls from my favorite neighborhood haunt. Cannot live without those for very long. And maybe some mild chicken tikka and palak paneer for a splash of Indian. God I'm starving and it's only 7am in New York! Love this, Mandy!

Kit Domino said...

Lovely jubbly. I, too, am on diet, but it is sooo good to dream - of desert islands and food. My list would be:

Roast lamb and cooked red cabbage
Ice cream, any flavour except mint!
Prawns and crab
Gallons of White Grenache
and buckets of KFC chicken

Mmm hungry now. Need to find lunch.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mandy. I look forward to reading your books.

Melanie said...

Congratulations, Lady Baggot! Looking forward to reading Taking Charge.

When it comes to favourite foods, Greek salad and/or Greek pizza, souvlaki, Indian (just not too hot), Chinese, seafood, and a wee taste of haggis every now and then.

Sheryl Browne said...

Ooh, food! There's a subject close to my heart. OK, my desert island picks:

Cheese - mature (for cheese on toast, heavy on the cheese)

Cheese and onion crisps! Love 'em (Have to be Walkers, tho. Are we allowed to advertise?)

Chicken Masala + Naann bread + pilau rice

Greek salad (with you there, Mandy) for healthy days.

Only one left?! Eeek! OK, chocolate, obviously. I'd go with Janice there, though, and take lots of to-be-sucked-slowly Lindt!

Love it! It's not made me hungry at all - just consumed first on list. Slurrrrp!

Huge CONGRATS uber-talented, Mandy! :) xx

Mandy said...

I've started something here haven't I?! Oh how we all love food!! And there is definitely a takeaway theme here isn't there?! Thanks for joining in everyone! One day I will throw a massive party, invite you all and have a banquet table containing all your delights! :))

Unknown said...

Definitely a rising star, :)

Anonymous said...

Way to Mandy! My food would be macaroni and cheese and of course, Nutella and organic waffles. Yum!

Janice said...

Mmmmmmm - loving the foodie lists!

My desert island could not do without list is - in reverse order :

5) Haggis - served with mashed neeps and tatties.

4) Avacado - anyway it comes but preferably sliced on a salad.

3) Stilton Cheese - the more mature the better and with Scottish oatcakes.

2) Olives - the black ones are best.

1) My very favorite food on this earth - Scottish Smoked Salmon!

All washed down with bottle of full-bodied red wine. And the island I'm on has a vineyard, right..?

Thank you Mandy!!

Love, Janice xx

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Congrats Mandy! Food-wise roast dinner and chinese YES, Janice's Stilton and olives YES. Love pasta too... all the fattening things I notice. Oh well, fun read ladies.